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Tehsil Jaranwala
Capital Jaranwala
Distt. Faisalabad
Towns 2
Union councils 57
Area: 1,770.04 km2 (683.4 sq mi)
Population: 1.3million

Jaranwala is a city in the Faisalabad District of Punjab, Pakistan. It is located at 31°20'0N 73°26'0E with an altitude of 184 metres(606 feet). The city serves as the headquarters of Jaranwala Tehsil, an administrative subdivision of the district.
Jaranwala Tehsil is located on the north bank of the Ravi. Jaranwala is between two canals; Gogira Branch (GB) and Rakh Branch (RB).
It is at 35KM distance from Faisalabad on South-West and 25KM from Nankana Sahib on West. This city is connected to Lahore and ShorKot with railroad. its a major link between Shorkot Airbase & Lahore. There are 300 villages in Jaranwala, covering an area of 437,386 acres (1,770.04 km2), with a population of 1.3million.

Jaranwala is about 400 years old city. There was a well with big roots hanging in it of an old willow tree. In Punjabi language roots are called "Jaraan" and place is called "Wala". So, these both words combined and formed the shape of a name "Jaranwala". By the passage of time, the place called Jaranwala and later on this name became famous and the city was also called Jaranwala.
Existing city was founded by British government in 1908. Mr. Micheal Ferrar deputy commissioner of Faisalabad has inaugurated this town in 1909.
Rai Ahmad Khral and Bhagat Singh two famous freedom fighters were sons of historic city of Jaranwala. Mian Abdul Bari a freedom fighter and President of All India Muslim League District Paghwara And Then Lyallpur district was settled in Jaranwala after partition.
Jaranwala is an agriculture based city. Major crops in this area are sugarcane, wheat, corn and rice.
 Jaranwala hosts the 3rd largest jute mill in the world (it is closed now a days). The city of Jaranwala shares in growth of Pakistan with sugar, chemical, textile, wheat and rice industry. Surroundings of Jaranwala are also famous for its dairy products.

Proud of the City

  • Mian Abdul Bari (Former General Secretary All India Muslim League)
  • Rai Ahmad Khan Kharl (Freedom fighter)
  • Bhagat Singh (Freedom fighter)
  • Rai Mahram Khan (Freedom Fighter & Compinon of Rai Ahmad Khan)
  • Haji Muhammad Abdullah Ghazi (Participated in 1932 Kashmir Movement, Participated in Tehreek-e-Azaadi Pakistan)
  • Ch. Muhammad Hassan (Civil activist participated in Tehreek-e-Azaadi Pakistan)
  • Haji Muhammad Iqbal Ch. (Participated in Tehreek-e-Azaadi Pakistan, Gen. Secretary All India Muslim League Phillor)
  • Justice (r) Sardar Iqbal (First Chief of Wafaqi Sherai Adalat Pakistan) 

Important Places
Jaranwala city is a beautiful blend of history, culture and competitive values of new era. All these trends are visible in far and wide of the Jaranwala. A beautiful historical building of Jaranwala railway station was founded in 1909. Old premises of water works is now converted in a marvelous
public park.









Mandi Rurala




M.Ali Park

Abu-Zar Colony

Housing Colony

Municipal Colony

Jaranwala City

Islam Pura

Gillani Mohala

Muhammad Bibi Colony



Lahore Road

Faisalabad Rd

Khurrianwala Rd

Shahkot Rd

Satyana Rd

Syed Wala Rd

Nankana Rd

Anarkali Bazar

Choori Bazar

Masjid Bazar

Nia Bazar

Hasan Road

Gordwara Bazar

Market Bazar

Landa Bazar


Pakistani Gate

Char Bati Chowk

Cinema Chowk

Municipal Stedium

Mailad Chowk

Sabri Masjad Chwk

Lady Garden

Committee Bagh

Lari Adda

Lahore Morr

40 Morr




Education and Institutes
Government Degree College is a famous institute in the area, Hundreds of students pass their degrees and certificates every year. This college has produced many professionals in the field of education, medical, engineering, IT, mass media and business as well. Students from this institute have reached on victory stand in inter-collegiate competitions every year. In 1986 to 1989, this institute won the prize of most beautiful college of district Faisalabad.
A girl’s degree college, commerce college and poly technique institutes are also shown awareness and competency in the people of Jaranwala.
People will always remember great contribution of Dr. Muhammad Aslam(Former Chairman History Deptt Punjab University), Dr. Rasheed A Goreja, Mian Riaz and Amman-u-Allah Khan in education field.

Social Life
Jaranwala is decorated with many parks there is also a lady garden in the city. These are social centers of the city. Newly developed municipal colony’s mini parks give a greenish look to the city.
No one can ignore the status of Committee Bagh, officer club and the largest stadium in the center of Jaranwala.
Cinema chowk is the busiest social point which is crowded whole night. You can get all kind of local food, tea shops and pan shops 24x7.

Business and Others
Ghalla Mandi Jaranwala is the famous grain market in Pakistan. It was the largest mandi for Gurr. City’s most of the business in cement, fertilizers and pesticides area driven by this market as well.
Pakistan Boot House is the first largest shoe shop after partition. It was founded by late Haji Muhammad Iqbal Ch. Aziz book depot and Manzoor book depot were the oldest book shops of the Jaranwala. Sheikh Ghafoor, Sheikh Lal Din, Sheikh Abdul Haq, Ashraf Monga, Langah and Chacha Sami are famous names in market of Jaranwala. Ch. Muhammad Akram and Zaffar-Ullah Khan Niazi have earned good will in transport business.
Aazad hotel and many more restaurants are providing quality food round the clock. Aziz Bakery is the pioneer bakery in Jaranwala. Abdullah, Butt, Shahzad, Rakha and Khan are famous in sweets production. "Mamma Mithai wala" was also a legend in this business. Anarkali Bazar and "Choorian wali Gali" are the famous among females of Jaranwala.

Important Towns and Village
The largest towns in Jaranwala are: Khurrianwala, Satyana, Mandi Rurala Road, Lundianwala, Mandi Buchiana.
Banga 105GB: Banga is the birth place of legend revolutionary of united India, the Bhagat Singh.
Gangapur (591GB): This village is nown by Sir Ganga Ram. A mini train pulled by horses is functional in this town. This train and track was designed and built by Sir Ganga Ram.
Kharian Wala (277GB): is also known as Nai Wala. It is situated about 4 Km from Rurala Road (Mandi) on Jaranwala-Tandlianwala road. There is a bus stop named as Nai Wala.
Rurala Road (283GB): is also known as Chak No.283 GB. It is located between Tehsil Jaranwala and Tehsil Tandlianwala. Rurala Road was one of the busiest villages with the biggest bazaar in the area around Faisalabad in the late 1970s to '80s but, due to migration into cities including Faisalabad and Lahore, its importance has diminished.
Sikanderpur 122GB: Village is located about 3 miles inside from the Faisalabad road.

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